Elder Scrolls Online – First Impressions

Being fans of the previous elder scroll games (Morrowind and Skyrim in particular) we decided to check out the latest instalment, Elder Scrolls Online.

First off, I have never played a game from launch that has performed quite as well as ESO. Yes there are a fair few bugs (some we will discuss) but no where near as many as other MMO launches I have played.

It is a good looking game, the combat is enjoyable (perhaps not as much as previous elder scroll games…) and the main storyline is engaging.

Elder Scrolls Online Castle

Elder Scrolls Online Castle

That said many of the other quests are repetitive and follow all the traditional quest lines of every other MMO. There seems to be a great amount of potential for this game that hasn’t been utilised as of yet.

For example there is no thieve’s guild and sneaky characters don’t fit any role or purpose. Disabling / finding traps akin to Dungeons and Dragons Online may give rogue types something more to do.

One of the main appeals of the game is the large scale PvP involving three factions fighting it out on a rather large map.

Elder Scrolls Online PvP Map

Elder Scrolls Online PvP Map

As you can tell from the above map the faction we were playing in blue (Daggerfall Covenant) weren’t having the best of times due to the nature of the PvP. The majority of battles occur during the day as the majority of people are awake but an entrepreneurial guild stayed up late and wrought havoc late at night.

The battles themselves are enjoyable and include skirmishes and full-blown sieges. The sieges proving to be the most enjoyable with trebuchets, catapults and ballista firing from the walls and at the walls. Although once you are inside the walls the very focused objectives are often met with large mobs of combatants.

Elder Scrolls Online Keep Capture

Elder Scrolls Online Keep Capture

All in all very enjoyable.

There does seem to be a bizarre feature that we have found. The resources (for crafting) seem to be far easier to spot on those with low end machines. Mostly because the vegetation, grasses, plants and bushes are not rendered excluding those that are useful.

Elder Scrolls Online Flax High Graphics

Elder Scrolls Online Flax High Graphics

Elder Scrolls Online Low Graphics

Elder Scrolls Online Flax Low Graphics






The most aggravating bug that we have found so far includes one of the ultimate abilities of the Dragonknight. The knight leaps into the air and smashes into their opponents… most of the time. Other times their wings unfurl and they stay locked in this position, unable to attack or do anything useful.

It is still early days and these are minor bugs that will soon be remedied, patches are released regularly and we are looking forward to many more hours of Elder Scrolls Online!


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