Minecraft: Great Britain and the Ordnance Survey

Having posted already about the Danish attempts to map their entire country in Minecraft we felt it was only fair to give a shout out to those that have mapped the UK with Minecraft!

Minecraft UK from the Ordnance Survey

The UK created in Minecraft using Ordnance Survey OpenData.

You can download the file here, but we warn you it is almost 4GB!

You spawn in Southampton along the south cost of Britain. You can then (if in creative mode!) fly around the UK and visit your home, cities or even climb the Great British mountains.

A few co-ordinates for you…

London: X = 10632  Y = 100  Z = 24422
Mt. Snowdon: X = 5218  Y = 200  Z = 20913
Shetand Islands: X = 8900  Y = 100  Z = 4969

It is great to see companies creating new and novel ways of mapping the world, especially when it makes exploring a 3D UK as easy as jumping into minecraft.

This new “GeoCraft” is being used in schools to encourage Geography students to interact with their world. The beauty of minecraft is that the students may interact with the world they see. As you can read here it is being used to encourage children to think about the environment and “build” solutions!



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