First Impressions: Heroes & Generals

Perhaps less people are trying to access the servers at the moment or perhaps Reto Moto have made some improvements but we finally got into the game! And we are glad we did! Don’t get me wrong it still took a good solid 20 minutes to log in to the browser side of things but fortunately once it had there were no issues. The interface you are greeted with is clearly laid out and feels intuitive, a good solid design.

Heroes & Generals: Browser Interface

Heroes & Generals: Browser Interface

It is inexorably simple to jump into a game at this point, you click “enter combat” and are given the opportunity to manually search for a server or be randomly placed in an appropriate mission. After playing a few “random” games we were pleasantly surprised to find the process worked well and we were never matched with pros or on servers where our latency was horrendous (a couple were hit and miss but most were flawless). The H&G forums hint at issues with this part of the process but we found it to work alright! Although perhaps we were lucky.

Once you’ve waited a couple of minutes for matchmaking you load into the game (which is surprisingly speedy!) you have to pick your spawn and jump into the action.

Heroes & Generals: Spawn Location

Heroes & Generals: Spawn Location

Heroes & Generals: Initial March

Heroes & Generals: Initial March

Once you have spawned you now have to dash to the nearest capture point. It would seem the primary (if only game mode) currently is a point capture system similar to most other FPS titles of the ilk. The spawn points feel like a goodly distance away. Not so far you are bored of running or finding yourself spending most of your time commuting but the not too close that each point is constantly spammed. The HUD is simple and clean and show you all the detail of any other FPS, stamina and health in the bottom left, current weapon and ammo in the bottom right. The scoring system works on a ticketing system with majority control of points earning you a greater amount of tickets.

Heroes & Generals: Bicycle Friend

Heroes & Generals: Bicycle Friend

From your spawn are a collection of vehicles. Namely the jeep and a handful of bicycles. Bicycles are a quirky addition that we enjoyed and believe it or not they can carry two people! It is interesting to see this addition and for the humble bicycle to be recognised as a fairly important transport in WWII!

As you can see from the above video there is still work to be done on vehicles though! As they often glitch randomly or clip into things. It is a beta though so we forgive Reto Moto at this point. As with every other game of this type once you are at a control point, as long as you have more soldiers at the location compared to the opposing team you start to neutralise and then capture each point. Fairly standard.

What we really enjoyed about this game is the necessity for strategy to win a match (we never won and apparently the Germans have a hard time of things most matches! We are not sure if there is an imbalance somewhere or just bad players pick this side…). In one of our matches we kept to the shadows, kept to the trees and cautiously made our way (after capturing the initial point) to the second. Flanking the enemy base we moved from tree to tree and patiently waited for the opponent to reveal themselves and started picking them off.

Heroes & Generals: Scoreboard  Leader of the Pack

Heroes & Generals: Scoreboard Leader of the Pack

As you can see from the above screenshot I wasn’t doing too badly! I have played a lot of FPS games but I am by no means a pro. Playing smart seems to win you points in this game. Unfortunately we did lose this round (although I am pleased to say I came top of the score board… even with a shoddy accuracy). I feel that if you were to have a handful of coordinated squads on vent or skype you would dominated these matches easily.

Heroes & Generals: Battle Report

Heroes & Generals: Battle Report

After your battle report the game closes and you come back to the browser portion of the game. You are awarded various currencies, ribbons and medals depending on how well you have done. We were pleased to see that the buying processes and the weapon modifications were described by handy tutorials (handy but slightly annoying in that you seemed to HAVE to do them to progress).

The game, for a beta, works fairly smoothly. Yes there will be bugs but it is free to play! And for those complaining about the high loads and the server issues I feel that you need to think it through a little more. Yes you can not play a game you are enjoying. But more players = more money for Reto Moto = a better game for everyone! If you have enjoyed your time with this game just be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

We look forward to playing more!




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