Heroes & Generals: Issues and a Question of Strategy

The primary issue that many people were facing when playing (or trying) to play this game  was accessing the game servers. After countless time outs and other issues you could eventually get into the browser side of things. These issues are discussed more thoroughly here:

Heroes & Generals: A very brief glimpse

and here:

First Impressions: Heroes & Generals

Luckily many of these problems were solved when they started a queuing system and allowing only a few onto the servers at the time. Very sensible! If somewhat annoying and the game loses some of its casual nature seeming as you have to wait for up to an hour or more to work your way through the queue of 8000+ players!

Heroes & Generals Queue Position

Heroes & Generals Queue Position

Otherwise apart from the queuing boredom the game works a lot better! (Although one particular evening the random game system did continue to place us in servers that gave us 200+ ping. Usually this latency isn’t horrendous but let me tell you… in H&G it makes it almost unplayable).

There is an issue with the balancing of matches though. Having chosen the US for this particular war I found myself with a bunch of new players (each new “war” seems to reset your weapons… or perhaps my German counterpart is still well equipped, we will get back to you!) lacking anti-tank weaponry or tanks for themselves. After a few successful captures a handful of German tanks come rolling up the hill and annihilate EVERYONE. We lose every capture point and are driven back to our main base. Which we eventually lost.

This is frustrating in itself but it seemed that most people lacked even the most basic concepts of tactics, strategy or even common sense. We couldn’t kill the tanks so it is best to ignore them (the safest place is beside said tank as the turrets can’t reach you!) and we should do what we were sent to do. CAPTURE THE POINTS.
But for some reason the majority of soldiers decided it would be sensible to play a game of cat and mouse with the tanks or stay at base and snipe away with their unscoped rifles. Myself (and all credit to a couple of others who also tried) I tried to run or sneak to the next capture point and try and take it. This works charmingly well as the majority of Germans are too busy crashing about in their tanks to take notice. But it only works for so long and luck can be only in your favour for so long!

Having killed the handful of Germans trying to prevent me from neutralising the point my luck eventually ran out and I had a grenade thrown into my face. What puzzled and frustrated me is that if I, one man, and a not fantastic fps player at that could achieve this then why wasn’t anyone else trying? Or even a group of us! It boggled the mind.

It wasn’t as if it was difficult to get near the points! One map has our spawn directly in the line of sight of the next highly defensible capture point (walls and crows nests for snipers) and I casually sauntered my way in the open on a bicycle having no opposition! Even in the capture point there was only one defender. (Again luck was against me and 3 vs 1 later meant I was never going to come out on top of that!)


This game has massive potential once everything calms down server side I just hope that people with a reasonable amount of brain cells join me in the next few battles!


(P.S. There is also no points from an “assist kill” so only last hits count! Hmm!)


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