Duality goes to Japan: 2


5 thoughts on “Duality goes to Japan: 2

  1. Pretty sights, Japan’s so nice! Oh and cool blog too 😀

    • Cheers for the feedback! I enjoyed your post about Twitch, it was inevitable Google were going to try and buy it… they are too big a rival!

      • Aww thanks! Seeing your photos just makes me wanna go to Japan ;__; hahaha

        That’s true, they’ve been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to the strong stats (esp during the LoL world championship)! Do you think it’s a good move for Twitch? 😀

      • I think it will help a lot as Google know what they are doing (and the infrastructure of better servers etc can’t hurt!).
        And the guys that made twitch will no doubt appreciate the large cash sum they will get 😉
        But I think that Google needs some competition! Otherwise they won’t need to innovate. And I know a lot of youtubers are frustrated at the moment and twitch provides them a different platform to make videos with. And if Google buy twitch how long will it be till it is just another part of YouTube?

      • Yupp, it would be very helpful when it comes to infrastructure and increasing the audience. 😉

        You’re right though, I agree that it’d be nice to see a new player in the market. And it’d be terrible if YouTube absorbed Twitch. They broke off Twitch from Justin TV in the first place because the gaming category was so strong on its own ;___; Hahaha “you cannot view this video in your country” or “taken down due to copyright issues” #cry

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