Paradise Craft – A quick look

Having played Minecraft for a while we thought we would quickly look at some of the multiplayer servers out there. We first played some MineZ which we cannot recommend highly enough but then we thought we would try something new and we stumbled across ParadiseCraft.

The server went live on the 28th May and we jumped on a couple of days later. Unfortunately the server is under populated (just us and the admin at the time!) but for reasons we will describe below we doubt that will be the case for long!

Spawn and Starting Area

So, after jumping into the server at Mc.ParadiseCraft.Net you are prompted to download a resource pack and make a password. Simple enough.

Paradise Craft Starting Area

Paradise Craft Starting Area

With your usual minecraft HUD you are greeted with a box of text detailing your PvP stats. Luckily it is translucent so hasn’t been distracting / annoying as of yet. In the starting area you are given multiple buildings in which to buy your weapons, armour and other bits and pieces (there are handy signs allowing you to teleport to these in the first building you come across!).

Paradise Craft Shop

Paradise Craft Shop

As the helpful newbie guide explains you need to go to the shop and they recommend a shotgun or rifle. We chose the shotgun! The guns are all labelled and we were impressed with just how smoothly everything was going and how polished this server was! It was surprising considering how new it is. (The ammo however wasn’t labelled! So the idiot that I am bought pistol ammo for a shotgun… punching zombies instead of shooting them, although satisfying, is nowhere near as effective as shooting them!).

PvP Area

So, you are kitted out, you have your shiny new gun and you want to shoot stuff. You hop on a plane and are “flown” (teleported) to a drop site. Literally a drop site. You jump from the plane into a pool of water underneath and procede to explore the world. Below are a handful of screenshots of this incredible map.

Paradise Craft Abandoned City

Paradise Craft Abandoned City

Paradise Craft Abandoned Rail Tracks

Paradise Craft Abandoned Rail Tracks

Paradise Craft Cathedral

Paradise Craft Cathedral

We were blown away by this map. It is huge and every building and structure is just… mind blowing. The Cathedral for example above, not only is it great to look at in the centre following a small parkour puzzle is a hidden treasure… we wont say what but go find it for yourself! The map has chests of loot dotted all around it. Oh and also mobs. Skeletons and zombies aren’t much of a match for the wary explorer however.

Great Potential

This server has great potential but there isn’t a lot more we can write at the moment as we didn’t get a chance to get to the meat of the experience. The PvP! The server has been remarkably well setup with everything we came into contact with working perfectly. With the epic scope of the map we can see PvP being immensely enjoyable, the variety of weaponry too is large.

We were lucky to be on with the admin at the time (DonDomis) and after a quick chat he lent us a bazooka… you know. Just to have a look. A cool addition to its explosive capabilities is the lack of fall damage when it is equipped so rocket jumping is a satisfying way to reach the high ground. Check out our YouTube video of the bazooka below.



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