Top 5 Video Game Myths

Trawling around the web you may have seen hints to myths or odd things relating to video games. A few of them are completely false and ridiculous (being able to see Lara Croft naked in the original Tomb Raider) but then some are true! Here are a collection of our top 5.

5. The Shadow People of Hell Valley (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

The Shadow People of Hell Valley

The Shadow People of Hell Valley Found Here

In one of the many levels of Super Mario Galaxy 2 if you take your eyes away from the jumping and action and look to the top left of the screen you will see these creepy guys.

No one is quite sure what they are. The sky pattern for this level is named “BeyondHellValley”. No levels exist with that name although some claim it is the Japanese level name or an abandoned beta level. The image above is called “HellValleySkyTree”.

But lets face it. Those are some pretty creepy trees! And they have now been reported in other Nintendo games…

4. Sex Minigame (GTA: San Andreas)

People seem determined to find nude character models or sex in every game (deleting the shower in the original Sims for instance). I even remember a mate of mine suggesting he had found this minigame but just assumed he was joking. Turns out he wasn’t.

Hidden in the game is an abandoned sex minigame. You did have to heavily mod you San Andreas to access it however!

3. Atari Bury E.T. in the Desert

As the story goes in 1983 Atari developed 12 million copies of Pac-Man (even though 10 million consoles existed) and 5 million copies of a reputedly terrible (unplayable) version of an E.T. game. Needless to say many of these games were returned and never bought. Atari on the verge of financial ruin supposedly buried them in the desert.

People loved the idea and many environmentalists became quite distraught. An Atari insider did say that the company would never throw out so many without recycling or reusing the cartridges.

The plot thickens!

It was debated for many years until recently the cartridges were unearthed at a landfill site in New Mexico! Read here.

2. Lavender Town Suicides

Above is the beta version of Lavender town in “Pocket Monsters”. Or Pokémon Red / Green. This version of the music wont be recognised by most at is was shortly changed before it was shipped out of Japan. And here is why!

Shortly after the release of the game in Japan there was a peak in suicides and illness in children between the ages of 7-12. Bizarrely the children often committed suicide in the same way (jumping or hanging) and many others developed illness. Rumour had it this was after each of the children had played through Lavender Town.

And this was due to the theme music and the high frequency parts that older children / adults could not hear.

There have been odd twists and turns in this story (read here) and it is difficult to know the truth. There has been no official link between the spike in suicides and Pokémon although many still argue that there is! This one is up to you to decide.

1. The Hall of Tortured Souls

Hall of Tortured Souls

Hall of Tortured Souls Found Here

Ok, admittedly this one isn’t a video game as such. Throughout the many editions of Microsoft and Windows there have been oddities left in by the creators. Our favourite and most useful is definitely “godmode” (find it here!)

Rumours are rife on the internet about many odd things in Windows or Microsoft. One of the more prominent ones being the hidden game in Microsoft Word 95 and that once you beat it you are shown something really weird.

There isn’t! There is however in Excel 95! The easter egg may be found here.

After following a bizarre collection of instructions and typing a random phrase whilst facing a certain direction you are greater with the above “last supper” esque image. It is in fact the developer team for Excel! Nothing nefarious of creepy at all.


Have any other myths you would like to share? Comment / tweet / Facebook us!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Video Game Myths

  1. Need to work on your definition of “myth” because the first 3 aren’t myths they are facts.

  2. also san andreas did not need a mod to do the hot coffee thing

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