Best Game Lore (Nug)

Having played a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition recently I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite bits of game lore in any game I’ve read so far. It made me laugh to myself, although perhaps that was the lack of sleep from playing this game for far too long…

I was sure before the Blight they were a whole lot more rare. Should ask a Warden about that, if killing Archdemons leaves nugs all over. And the poor things don’t seem built for anywhere. I mean, they feed on anything, but they blister in the desert and freeze in the snow, and they’re easier to track than your own arse. Everything eats them (except me, the hands put me off), yet they thrive. Randy bastards outpace every tooth and claw.

Anyway, my point is, the ones around the farm are so inbred, they’re five colours and can’t stop peeing. I’m selling them in the capital as “elusive eastern bunny-pigs.” What did father say about idiots with deep pockets?

-Excerpt from the private letters of “Captain” Byrne, Lap-Nug Dealer, produced in evidence after seven claims of water terrors and death following bites in the Garden District, 9:36.

A nug is a bizarre rabbit creature with human hands!


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