Duality goes to New York


Duality: Revenge of the blog

Why were we gone?

Two main reasons which could just be the same reason…

Life (real life)

We both had finished university and were progressing in our jobs and needed our time to either focus on careers / see people (rather than playing games and writing posts… seeing our friends) / moving / other life stuff. In some ways these are excuses.

Time (lack thereof)

Out our mediocre peak we were looking after this blog, our Twitter, our Facebook page (poorly), StumbleUpon, Empire (http://www.empire.kred/) it is quite good for businesses, wouldn’t recommend for gaming blogs!) and other platforms. We also focused on producing well written good quality blog posts which take awhile to write, grab screenshots and proof-read.

All of that put together takes up a considerable amount of time and it only gets worse as momentum builds. It was difficult to keep up the enthusiasm when we were working a full time job and what felt like a part time job at the same time!

Why we are back

We, might be a bit optimistic as half of our duality hasn’t quite agreed to continue the blog. But I realised that creating my own content, intellectual property (even with some damming feedback) was rewarding and is rewarding. Even after not updating this blog for two years we still receive views in the 10s (small fry for most but impressive for a blog such as ours!)

The blog as well is a good distraction from life and an excuse (do you need one?) to buy and play new games and review our old favourites.

What’s Next?

Unsure. Maybe a few posts? Maybe a post a week? We (I) will probably stick to the same format as before, posts about our travels, games we are playing, opinion pieces and maybe an info-graphic here and there (I’ve worked as a data analyst, presenting data is oddly satisfying).

(On a side note apologies for the ads, we were paying for the premium features which removes ads but have stopped for now…)



Websites Used for Minecraft Infographic

Here’s the links:








First Impressions – Darkest Dungeon

Noticing a surge of purchases on Steam I decided to join the crowd and give this game a look. With some of these early access top sellers there are more problems than positives and the game has little enjoyment to be had. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by this solid roguelike game.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Darkest Dungeon was released as an early access game on Steam. It lacks game settings and there are some balance issues with the adventures and the gold gained.  At least I found this to be the case; though in retrospect it might be part of the random elements. Red Hook Studios have stated that “The early response has been beyond our wildest expectations” and with how great the game is, despite its quirks, it’s well deserved.

You must restore your families honour by hiring adventurers to delve into the depraved depths of your house. This is easier said than done. Indeed the game includes a warning of its difficulty and that states that yes, some of your people will die.

Darkest Dungeon Warning

It is difficult enough that they add a warning.

Will you run away from the dungeon to keep your people alive, or trade a life for the chance at greater loot?

As you can see from the included screenshots, it looks awesome. The dark tones mixed with the flashes of murky reds and shiny golds adds to the depressing atmosphere. This is amalgamated with epic music and sound effects that really hit the mark. For an early access game, they have hit the presentation hard and the pay off is great.

There are a lot of rules and mechanics to get your head round, but the tutorial does a decent enough job of getting you to grip with these. Although it is a bit of a stab in the dark when you are buying provisions for an adventure and it is possible to waste quite a bit of money of unnecessary items that are lost at the end. Which is one of my bugbears with the game. If a potion of disease removal is bought, do the characters just throw it away at the end? Perhaps it has a limited shelf life and becomes useless? A small annoyance that I understand for balance but hope to be changed in future.

Bottom line, should you give this game a look? For its low (in comparison to AAA titles) price and promise of more in the future it’s a no brainer. Buy it, enjoy its glorious art style and breath of fresh air difficult gameplay. For those of you that don’t like pre-ordering, know that there is a lot of content already and they have not announced any day one DLC or other annoyances.

We welcome any comments so leave them below!

Darkest Dungeon Introduction

The old owner of the house writing to you during the intro.

Top 3 Web Comics

Top 3 Web Comics

3. Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm)

Cyanide & Happiness Drag On

Cyanide & Happiness Drag On

A firm favourite. We even have unique art made for us by these guys at comic con which you can see here Art from Rob Denbleyker (Explosm).

There are many reasons why Cyanide and Happiness are in our top 3. For one, they post every day. They also have many contributors so if one comic doesn’t match your sense of humour then perhaps another will. They have also reasonably recently branched out into a lot more animation and have even created a show http://explosm.net/show/.

2. LFG (Looking for Group)

LFG - Bearlock

LFG – Bearlock

Looking for Group really stands out compared to a lot of the C&H type comics in that it has a continuous story. The comic looks to subvert the fantasy genre to create humour. The characters all appear familiar (with the main character very similar to Drizzt Do’Urden from the Forgotten Realms) but have unlikely back stories of complexities that aren’t found in your stereotypical fantasy novel or story.

Richard the Warlock’s killing and committing horrific acts with reckless abandonment is especially appealing. Not because of the acts themselves but more because of the many levels to the character and with the artistry he goes about maiming and destroying. The beginning of this comic may be found here http://www.lfg.co/page/1/.


Buzzfeed Christmas

Buzzfeed Christmas

By far our favourite, http://www.xkcd.com/ and his accompanying web pages answering unlikely scenarios with real science http://what-if.xkcd.com/ really stand out. I will admit however that some of the jokes are beyond me as they involve a level of physics, programming or other science that I am ignorant of.

If you want satirical humour, witty humour or at times simply crude humour then look no further! The underlying theme is that it is clever. Mostly not in an existential meta-physical type of thinking clever but a raw observational humour. A science comedian.

On top of this if you’d like to know the answers to:

What would happen if all of the rivers in the US were instantly frozen in the middle of the summer? (Find out here!)

Could you get drunk from drinking a drunk person’s blood? (Find out here!)

What if every virus in the world were collected into one area? How much volume would they take up and what would they look like? (Find out here!)

Or many, many other weird and wonderful questions then look no further. For this comic will answer these questions (alternatively you can buy the book).

Disclaimer: None of the above media is our own. Each image is from and is owned by the respective webcomic author as linked to in this post.