Duality: Revenge of the blog

Why were we gone?

Two main reasons which could just be the same reason…

Life (real life)

We both had finished university and were progressing in our jobs and needed our time to either focus on careers / see people (rather than playing games and writing posts… seeing our friends) / moving / other life stuff. In some ways these are excuses.

Time (lack thereof)

Out our mediocre peak we were looking after this blog, our Twitter, our Facebook page (poorly), StumbleUpon, Empire (http://www.empire.kred/) it is quite good for businesses, wouldn’t recommend for gaming blogs!) and other platforms. We also focused on producing well written good quality blog posts which take awhile to write, grab screenshots and proof-read.

All of that put together takes up a considerable amount of time and it only gets worse as momentum builds. It was difficult to keep up the enthusiasm when we were working a full time job and what felt like a part time job at the same time!

Why we are back

We, might be a bit optimistic as half of our duality hasn’t quite agreed to continue the blog. But I realised that creating my own content, intellectual property (even with some damming feedback) was rewarding and is rewarding. Even after not updating this blog for two years we still receive views in the 10s (small fry for most but impressive for a blog such as ours!)

The blog as well is a good distraction from life and an excuse (do you need one?) to buy and play new games and review our old favourites.

What’s Next?

Unsure. Maybe a few posts? Maybe a post a week? We (I) will probably stick to the same format as before, posts about our travels, games we are playing, opinion pieces and maybe an info-graphic here and there (I’ve worked as a data analyst, presenting data is oddly satisfying).

(On a side note apologies for the ads, we were paying for the premium features which removes ads but have stopped for now…)