Top 3 Web Comics

Top 3 Web Comics

3. Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm)

Cyanide & Happiness Drag On

Cyanide & Happiness Drag On

A firm favourite. We even have unique art made for us by these guys at comic con which you can see here Art from Rob Denbleyker (Explosm).

There are many reasons why Cyanide and Happiness are in our top 3. For one, they post every day. They also have many contributors so if one comic doesn’t match your sense of humour then perhaps another will. They have also reasonably recently branched out into a lot more animation and have even created a show

2. LFG (Looking for Group)

LFG - Bearlock

LFG – Bearlock

Looking for Group really stands out compared to a lot of the C&H type comics in that it has a continuous story. The comic looks to subvert the fantasy genre to create humour. The characters all appear familiar (with the main character very similar to Drizzt Do’Urden from the Forgotten Realms) but have unlikely back stories of complexities that aren’t found in your stereotypical fantasy novel or story.

Richard the Warlock’s killing and committing horrific acts with reckless abandonment is especially appealing. Not because of the acts themselves but more because of the many levels to the character and with the artistry he goes about maiming and destroying. The beginning of this comic may be found here


Buzzfeed Christmas

Buzzfeed Christmas

By far our favourite, and his accompanying web pages answering unlikely scenarios with real science really stand out. I will admit however that some of the jokes are beyond me as they involve a level of physics, programming or other science that I am ignorant of.

If you want satirical humour, witty humour or at times simply crude humour then look no further! The underlying theme is that it is clever. Mostly not in an existential meta-physical type of thinking clever but a raw observational humour. A science comedian.

On top of this if you’d like to know the answers to:

What would happen if all of the rivers in the US were instantly frozen in the middle of the summer? (Find out here!)

Could you get drunk from drinking a drunk person’s blood? (Find out here!)

What if every virus in the world were collected into one area? How much volume would they take up and what would they look like? (Find out here!)

Or many, many other weird and wonderful questions then look no further. For this comic will answer these questions (alternatively you can buy the book).

Disclaimer: None of the above media is our own. Each image is from and is owned by the respective webcomic author as linked to in this post.


Images from the start of Transistor

Some screenshots to show off the gorgeous visuals in Transistor.

Art from Rob Denbleyker (Explosm)

Drawn at Comic Con London Oct 2013 by Rob Denbleyker.

Drawn at Comic Con London Oct 2013 by Rob Denbleyker.

Rob Denbleyker at the London October 2013 Comic Con was creating sketches with various phrases as jump off points. The one above which I got had the captions “Body Modification” and “Hiding the Evidence”. It has a more rustic feel than their normal affair, probably due to the speed and environment. Constantly drawing various sketches would take its toll on any artist.