Art from Rob Denbleyker (Explosm)

Drawn at Comic Con London Oct 2013 by Rob Denbleyker.

Drawn at Comic Con London Oct 2013 by Rob Denbleyker.

Rob Denbleyker at the London October 2013 Comic Con was creating sketches with various phrases as jump off points. The one above which I got had the captions “Body Modification” and “Hiding the Evidence”. It has a more rustic feel than their normal affair, probably due to the speed and environment. Constantly drawing various sketches would take its toll on any artist.


Impressions: Rick and Morty – Season 1

Not sure what to expect and having been introduced to Rick and Morty by a friend I was surprised at just how good a programme it is.

Rick and Morty - Adult Swim

Rick and Morty – Adult Swim

Rick and Morty is a surreal parody of back to the future. A scientist and a young guy go on adventures but that is where the similarities end.

Each episode is frenetic. An incredible amount happens in a short space of time, from dream-ception, to dogs taking over the world and finally followed by a heartfelt moral (which is then later compromised).

The humour is often witty, often dark or at times plain crazy. Those of you that enjoy cartoons such as Family Guy, South Park or other more adult cartoons (perhaps even Bravest Warriors) will find this series enjoyable.

Others have complained about the lack of continuity or just how frenetic or fast paced the series is. They mention how the writers attempt to overcome a lack of narrative by simply bombarding the viewer with action. Although I would have to disagree. The characters are developed, they may perhaps not have the many deep facets we see in other series (Breaking Bad to name but one) but they do have many layers (like an onion…).

The art style is simpleĀ and perhaps could be deemed as too simple. But then have you really ever looked at the art in Family Guy? If the character isn’t speaking you’ll be lucky to see them move (even their eyes!). So this isn’t a flaw but more a necessary time saver.

Definitely worth a watch!