Endless Legend Alt-Tab Loading

By accident I found out this cool feature. Alt-tabbing back into Endless Legend creates this awesome looking generation of the terrain and effects. Not sure if this is intended or just a happy by-product of the game’s architecture.


First Impressions Endless Legend

Endless Legend is currently in the alpha stage of development but is purchasable on Steam as an early access game. As I enjoyed Endless Space I thought I’d give this one a look.

Again much like Gang Beasts it is incredibly solid for an alpha build. Although some parts were lacking; though perhaps this was due to me not figuring these out properly, it is surprisingly robust. Despite the non-game breaking error screen I saw during my playthrough, I did not come into contact with other major technical flaws.

EndlessLegend Error Message

This serious looking error surprisingly did not break the game.

Endless Legend is pretty yet did not tax my gaming rig too heavily. The 4x strategy style is similar to that of the Civilisation series. You use your settler to build a base and then build supporting buildings, an increasing amount of which become available with further research. You then create armies which can be used to explore, attack enemy AI cities or partake in the quests that are randomly generated as you play. When exploring some ruins you may be shown a further explorable place which holds even greater treasure or be granted a quest where if x enemies are defeated you will be awarded y items and so on.

Other places it differs from Civilisation is its army movement and combat. Much like endless space you can gather troops together to form an army that holds one tile on the map. This army can then be led by a hero who grants various bonuses and they can be further levelled in an RPG style skill system. When combat starts a scene is played out where terrain and starting positions matter, I’ve have posted some images below to give you an idea of what this looks like.

Endless Legend Battle

As can be seen, terrain has an impact and the troops within an army split.

Endless Legend Battle

As can be seen, terrain has an impact and the troops within an army split.







This game is already looking to be complex, with added intriguing elements which will shine in single player games. You have to carefully manage your cities, armies, which technology you are researching, how you conduct your battles and the various quests that pop up. These variants inject interest into otherwise what could be a long slog to win or achieve anything within the scenario.

If the developers avoid the pitfalls of beta testing, listen to the community and use their experience with Endless Space this could become an awesome game. One that is detailed enough to hold attention for hours and hours, but not too statistics focused, a problem that sometimes afflicts similar titles. Much like Gang Beasts we will be watching this game closely to see how it develops.

Endless Legend Winter

The shift to winter affected troop movement, production and sight range.

Endless Legend Zoomed Out Map

Zooming out created this hexagonal map.

Endless Legend Tech Tree

A quick picture looking at the different tech trees.