Currently Playing: Mount and Blade (Floris Mod) and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition

At the moment two of the games we’re playing are Mount and Blade Warband, with the Floris Mod and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition .

Mount and Blade I’m playing because of the combat, which at times is infuriating, but on the whole is fun. This mixed with the RPG elements, castle ownership and relatively large battles all keep bringing me back. The Floris Mod has increased the complexity and the options within the game. It has the option of turning off parts you don’t like; including the new tournament style which I have real difficulty completing, and this is greatly appreciated.

Floris Horse Charge

The valiant horse charge against some pesky Sea Raiders.

Floris At Court

My avatar at court, in Ismirla Castle with his wife, constable and chamberlain.






Floris Thrown Axes

A great deal of axes were thrown at the enemy.


Baldur’s Gate 2 has long been a favourite and although the Enhanced Edition was perhaps not all that it was hoped to be, it did include some useful additions. Including better resolutions, an improved (debatable) UI, new companions (often buggy) and probably the best part, no loading screens. Much like M&B I keep revisiting this game, the story and character interactions never get old for me. The added extras from the Enhanced Edition enable this to happen in a more accessible and faster fashion. So there is more time for Boo and MinscĀ and less time spent wasted waiting around.

Baldur's Gate Bridge District

My party including the new Dorn and Hexxat resting in the Bridge District.

Baldur's Gate Interface

Dorn in the new inventory screen, the added information on the side is a nice touch.