Nostalgia: Quake

Back when 3D graphics were new and I was younger this game gave me nightmares.

Perhaps I was too young to play.

Recently I picked up this classic from a Steam bundle sale and I have to admit, this was perhaps my favourite title in the bunch. When I used to play this I was, I’m embarrassed to say, I was bad at games. I cheated, I was overly fond of “god mode” and cheating in better weapons.

Having matured as a person and a gamer I started this game on hard and the first few levels were challenging but not impossible. This soon changed however and I had many a frustrated curse issuing from me.

The images above show one particular jumping rancour-esque (Star Wars creature) that used to freak me out. It still does a little! As the developers of this title could hardly rely on their graphics to make this game gritty or dark they resorted to trickery. In one of the screenshots you see a door which requires a silver key. Once you’ve opened said door you find a sneaky grenade wielding hulk of an enemy right behind it. I will admit this surprised me.

The amount of weapons, the scarcity of ammo and health in the later game and the clever level design (with secrets hidden away I can’t find even to this day) show a certain level of complexity that explain why this game proved to be popular (and why the series that followed were equally as popular).

The story line is basic but it isn’t needed as the action of the game keeps propelling you along regardless.

You can pick up this game for cheap from Steam and I would highly recommend it. Another advantage is that it will run on even the most outdated of laptop or pc so anyone can enjoy it!