Heroes and Generals – So Many In One Jeep

We did not realise how many people you could fit in a vehicle in Heroes and Generals until everyone piled in.


Currently Watching on Youtube

We are totally enamoured with Sips’ Garry’s Mod series and although they are relatively short videos compared to others on gaming channels, (on average between 8-11 minutes) they are released every day. Hat Films, Turps and Sips really bounce off of each other and although sometimes the episodes are very reference driven (to their previous content) they are still great to watch.

Endless Legend Alt-Tab Loading

By accident I found out this cool feature. Alt-tabbing back into Endless Legend creates this awesome looking generation of the terrain and effects. Not sure if this is intended or just a happy by-product of the game’s architecture.

First Impressions of Gang Beasts

After seeing this game on Yogscast Duncan’s YouTube channel, we thought we would give it a go. Whilst obviously an Alpha build in some respects, it is a surprisingly solid experience that the developers have worked hard to create.

The premise: Throw, bludgeon or incapacitate the opponent(s) three times to win the round.

Successfully throwing the opponent

Watching as his opponent gets further crushed by the trucks.


The informative tutorial helps set up the basic controls (which are easy to pick up) and you are quickly able to lift your fellow combatants into the various hazards on the different maps. The addition of a celebration, even at this early stage, is a stroke of genius as there is a special glee in being able to lord it up over your fallen opponent.


Celebrating at the start of the tutorial.

Both of us celebrating at the start of the tutorial.

The only bug we came across during our playthrough was on occasion one of the clay people got stuck on the side of the map between the bar and the wall (see the image below). The other telling signs of it’s alpha state was a slight awkwardness in setting up the controls and the lack of customisation. The different coloured clay people, although animated well, are a bit bland after a while.

Stuck Between the Bar and Wall

Here is the only bug we found, stuck between the bar and wall.

This game has a great deal of potential. With an increase in the number of levels, playable characters, a greater level of destructible environments and a cavalcade of weapons it could be awesome. For now we will leave you with the bitter-sweet victory red had over blue and a link so you will be able to get your hands on Gang Beasts.

Bittersweet Victory

Red has made his victory hollow as they too fall into the blades embrace.

Click this link to play it yourself: Gang Beasts



Best Moment in Gang Beasts

Although a little bit staged, this does portray part of why Gang Beasts is so great. The physics here; which for an alpha build are pretty solid make the characters flap around in a gratifying way when flung across the map.